One who shall die - greets you!

Friday, December 28, 2012


We (my wife and I) organized a funeral last weekend. Actually, more like two. But with one grave. We went to the mountains. The air was humid and ground was wet. The sky was in the shades of grey. More than fifty. In her orange bag, Sanja carried an envelope with a few ultrasound images. Precisely - four. One of them had even heart rates. A year and a half before, she got pregnant. Embryo grew for 9 weeks. Then she miscarried. Surgically. It was dead. The same thing happened 9 months later. This time with heart beats. 10th week. Good people told us that we need to make burial ceremony. To let go. So we finally decided to do it, because it is not so easy to let go one of our sufferings. Especially when we grow attachment to them.

We walked until a flash flood blocked our way. Then we found soft ground we could dig enough to bury few pieces of paper. I dug the pit.

Monday, December 10, 2012

How does Gollum see in the dark?

I was spelunker for almost ten years. If you turn off the light in the cave only what you can see is darkness. That is really interesting experience. It is not that you see nothing. You see darkness. (I don't believe anybody has ever seen "nothing". How can you see "nothing"?) It is the same as you look at your eyelids from inside in the dark room. But you have eyes open. That's weird. Immediately surrounding space become infinitive and (or should I say: therefore) claustrophobic. You feel that your heart has shrunk somehow (only if you haven't start to panic and treat yourself with panic attack, then started to scream and finally lost consciousness so the rest of the team must carry you outside :-)). Actually, you don't know what to think while you are immersed in blackness. You can wave with your hand in front of your nose but you won't see your hand. You can only feel cold breeze. Or hear dripping of water in the distance. Sounds are amplified by silence and from automatically shift to sense of hearing. It's dark like in a deepest pit in the midnight on the moonless night. :-) Once I was locked in the refrigerator car for a 10 to 15 minutes just to drive me from a point A to point B (I remember how hooks for meat are clanking on the bumps on the road) – it's the same darkness. So, if you want to experience that kind of darkness you can lock yourself in a freezer. It's little warmer in caves but darkness is the same.

So then, how does Gollum see in the dark? If you ever asked yourself that question, here are some answers from Wired Sience.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Cell Phone

Ana sat on the metal bench at the bus stop. She noticed a middle-aged man coming towards her. He was talking on his cell phone.

- Yes, mom. Of course, mom. We’ll be there this weekend as planned. We’ll bring the kids with us for sure - he was saying as he reached the bus stop, looked at Ana and smiled.

She remained impartial to his kindness and thought to herself,

“Oh God, how I hate it when people show off on their cell phones! I’m never getting a cell phone! Never!”

She was unique.