One who shall die - greets you!

What you, roaches, are goin’ to read on this blog?

Well, there is goin’ to be three major categories: Informing, Thinking and Writing. Exactly in that order.

Informing will contain certain information on topics I think are interesting, or, at least, are interesting to me.

In category Thinking(thin-king) you will be at mercy of my thoughts. Just to feel how is to be me. I believe very much the same as being you, cockroaches, so it won't be so hard to endure reading posts in this category.

The last one is Writing. This one is the best! Do you remember Vogon poetry? Well, it's not poetry. It's prose, baybe. Who's prose is this? It's Zed's. Who's Zed? Zed is dead, baybe. Zed is dead.

God have mercy on yours souls.

Let's roll!
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