One who shall die - greets you!

Why “cockroaches”?

During 80’s and in the beginning of 90’s, in Bosnia (these days we were all livin’ in one state called Yugoslavia) existed a rock band called No smoking. They played a song Ballad of Pišonja [pee-shaw-gna like in cognac] and Žuga [shoo-ga like in Lady Gaga] about two teenage friends who always dreamed about goin’ on the sea but they never did it. So, one summer night they stole a cassette player from the home of the elderly and a bus from local transportation and set a course for a sea. During the ride, Žuga said that the sea is only first step in their adventure and the next step is World and beyond. Referring to all of their friends who stayed behind in their suburbian shacks to continue with their lousy way of livin’ he said: “Goodbye cockroaches!”

That’s why cockroaches.

‘Couse you don’t have guts.

‘Couse you like comfortable life.

‘Couse you are too scared or too lazy (which is the same coin).

‘Couse you wait for your life to pass.

‘Couse you are dead.

You like this, roaches?

Pissed off, scared, annoyed?

That’s good. There is still hope for you. But don’t forget that Hope is a bitch and what you need is action.

(If you think this is a bullshit – then you are beyond hope. Good luck with the rest of your life! Really. And don’t come back to this blog. Just continue with your happy life.)

Do you know what happen’ to Pišonja and Žuga in the end? Do you think they make it to the sea? The World and beyond?

Of course they didn’t.

Cops blocked the way and they rammed the bus in blockade. Some people said that rearview mirror was found 50 meters away (54.68 yards, for colonials). In the last verse before he loses his consciousness, Pišonja asks himself watching the Moon: “God, how can this be? Some people make it to the Moon and Žuga and I can’t even to the sea.”



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