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Friday, January 11, 2013

Being happy

I stumbled upon this interesting article where author suggest that compulsive thinking about ourselves is one of the reasons why we live unhappy lives. 

Researches prove it ! :-)

So is being happy all about shifting our tendency away from focus on ourselves? 

From my meditation experience - it is (not). 

Because when we manage to shift/change our focus from inward to outward and that slowly becomes our default state of mind, then our definition of happiness also changes. 

Can you imagine to be happy just because you are alive, you are right here, right now and have a chance to smell, hear, see, touch and taste life?


Well, all in all it's a trip, long and unending. Hard and full of surprises rarely pleasant but often good ones. Shifting attention from me to the world is only one piece of the puzzle. But very, very important one. In other words - the basic one.

So long, roaches.
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